Project BGJUSTICE-4.002-0016 "Increasing capacity and awareness about domestic violence and gender-based violence in the South Central region", funded under the Justice Program of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2020

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The project "Increasing capacity and awareness about domestic violence and gender-based violence in the South Central Region" is implemented by the Union Association for Bulgaria in partnership with SUPRAS, Norway, Strelcha Municipality and Multi Level Consulting. The grant from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 is in the amount of BGN 390,594. Project implementation period: 26.09.2022 – 30.04.2024

The project aims to develop a pilot service in relation to domestic violence and gender-based violence and to create a center for support, counseling and information "You are not alone". The center will be established at the local level, in the project partner municipality, Strelcha.

An important element for achieving the goals of the project and for providing local services "to measure" are the planned studies and analyzes in ten municipalities (including the Municipality of Strelcha). The studies and analyzes will be in two main directions: vulnerable groups - women and children, survivors of domestic violence and gender-based violence, with an emphasis on the Roma community and existing capacity of supporting specialists. Based on the obtained results and conclusions, 10 items will be developed. individual training programs aimed at specialists from the 10 selected municipalities.

Training will be implemented with the aim of increasing the capacity of supporting specialists from 10 municipalities of the South Central Region to prevent and combat domestic violence. After passing through the trainings, 80 support specialists will increase their capacity and be ready to provide support to vulnerable groups in their localities.

As a pilot, this will be presented within the framework of the implementation of the project with the new "Don't be alone" center in the Municipality of Strelcha. An important element of the project is the partnership with an organization from the donor country - SUPRAS. 

The overall goal of the project is to increase the capacity of Bulgarian local authorities in the field of domestic violence and gender-based violence. The project supports the development and implementation of an effective integrated approach aimed at improving the status and opportunities of victims of domestic violence and gender-based violence. Part of the efforts associated with the integrated approach (providing national/local protection, justice, social and psychotherapeutic support to overcome the consequences, based on an individual risk assessment for needs, resources, family, community, relationship between the victim and the perpetrator, etc. ) will be supported with the implementation of the project.

The specific goal of the project is to develop a pilot service, create a support center and provide consultations and information - "You are not alone" in Strelcha Municipality.

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