Project: No. BGENVIRONMENT-4.004-0014 "Improving the capacity of administrations and pilot implementation of measures for successful adaptation to climate change in the municipalities of Peshtera, Batak, Sadovo and Strelcha"

The project is implemented with financial support in the amount of 281 thousand euros from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the "Environmental Protection and Climate Change" program of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014 - 2021.
The main goal is to increase the capacity of the municipalities of Peshtera, Batak, Sadovo and Strelcha to evaluate their strategic plans and programs in relation to planning and implementation of actions leading to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to climate change;

The project is implemented jointly by the Municipality of Peshtera (beneficiary), the Municipality of Batak, the Municipality of Sadovo, the Municipality of Strelcha, "Supras" - Norway and the Association "Union for Bulgaria".

Specific objectives of the project:

  • Increased competence of municipal officials for planning, monitoring and implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change;
  • Implementation of pilot measures in the 4 municipalities to reduce and limit the adverse consequences of climate change;
  • Increased energy efficiency of 5 municipal buildings (through RES);
  • Improved cooperation between organizations from Norway and Bulgaria;
  • Exchange of experience and good practices with Norway;
  • Analyzed and evaluated municipal climate-related documents and measures.

The management of the project will be carried out entirely with the own human resources of the beneficiary and the partners.

The following activities are planned for the implementation of the project:

  • Improving the competence of municipal employees in the field of planning measures for mitigation and adaptation to climate change (D2) - The activity provides for a 3-day training of municipal employees from the 4 municipalities. The main goal of the training will be building institutional capacity in the field of combating climate change, strategic planning and implementing adequate measures for adaptation to climate change. 20 employees, 5 experts from each partner municipality, will take part in the training;
  • Evaluation of municipal plans in relation to the implementation of the objectives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the targeted measures for adaptation to climate change (D3) - The activity provides for the analysis and evaluation of strategic plans of municipalities Peshtera, Batak, Sadovo and Strelcha, concerning policies, actions and measures resulting in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to the expected adverse effects of climate change. Information from the implementation of the current activity will be presented to the Norwegian partner in order to link it to the analysis of good practices from Norway (Activity 4) that can be applied in Bulgaria (including regarding their inclusion in strategic municipal plans);
  • Dissemination of good practices - preparatory phase - acquisition of knowledge related to the project as a result of the partnership with Norway - In the current activity, the Norwegian partner - SUPRAS will prepare a report containing good practices from the Norwegian experience of implementing measures for reducing emissions and adapting to climate change applicable to the 4 partner municipalities in sectors such as energy, separate waste collection, wise use of natural resources and environmental protection, as well as activities to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions and improving the quality of atmospheric air. The report will contain suggestions on how the described good practices can be adapted in the partner municipalities. In the framework of spreading good practices of the activity, 20 employees of the partner municipalities, as well as employees from the "Union for Bulgaria" Association, will participate in a 3-day working visit to Norway, the city of Kristiansand, a city with "environmental awareness" for several decades, focused on good public transport, cycling, waste recycling and other environmental measures. With the assistance of SUPRAS, 2 speakers from Norway will be organized, who will give 2 half-day presentations of good practices applicable to Bulgaria. In the last phase of the activity for spreading good practices, workshops-seminars will be held in the 4 partner municipalities, to which representatives from the NGO sector and business will be invited. The main focus of the meetings will be aimed at increasing capacity, awareness and strengthening communication between the administration, local civil society and business. The conclusions and recommendations from the evaluations of the municipal strategic documents will be presented and discussed (D3); the good practices from Norway, the proposals for their adaptation in Bulgaria (D4), as well as the shared experience from the Norwegian partner (D5).
  • Improving the skills and expertise at the local level provides that, in addition to the 20 municipal employees who underwent the training and exchange of experience in the previous activities, the knowledge acquired by them will be transferred and reach other employees in the municipalities, relevant to the policy planning process. The already trained employees will prepare presentations about the knowledge and competences they have acquired and in turn they will take on the role of trainers of their colleagues from the municipalities in which they work. Municipal plans and projects related to climate change, evaluation reports and their updating will also be discussed, as well as proposed specific measures/projects related to climate.
  • Development and implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change - construction of photovoltaic installations on municipal buildings owned by partner municipalities - Development and implementation of 4 pilot innovative measures to mitigate climate change in municipalities are planned - project partners. Events (4 pcs) will be held to demonstrate the pilot measures introduced, as well as the ways of use, types of technology, savings and benefits for the environment and the local population.

Information about SUPRAS - Norway:

SUPRAS has extensive experience in the implementation and management of publicly funded projects in the field of environmental protection and climate change. Currently, the project "Introduction of energy-saving measures for rehabilitation and modernization of street lighting in the Central and Southern regions of Plovdiv Municipality" is being implemented in partnership between Plovdiv Municipality and SUPRAS.

Implementation period: from 27.03.2023 to 27.04.2024.

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